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Metallic Epoxy Adds Excitement to Concrete Floors

It’s possible to get the look of  gilded concrete   with the use of metallic epoxy. While epoxy has traditionally been used to help with a metallic look when filling in gaps along metal sinks and such, concrete contractors have found a new use for it. You can choose to work with a contractor or learn how to do it on your own.

Typical Uses of Metallic Epoxy

Polished concrete gallery floor. A concrete contractor can provide you with an array of options for inside your home or even outside, such as in your garage. When you want a  new look ,   metallic epoxy coating can be used to create a glistening new appearance.

The floors not only look three-dimensional but the epoxy is self-leveling so that it’s very easy to use. It’s available in an array of colors to provide many options for its use.

It is commonly used in:

·         Living rooms

·         Kitchens

·         Retail stores

·         Restaurants

·         Offices

·         Hotel lobbies

The  metallic epoxy coating   can be purchased so you have the ability to do the work on your own. This allows you to take the creative aspects into your own hands and have a look that is brilliant on any concrete flooring.

How to Use Metallic Epoxy

You may be surprised to find out how easy it is to use metallic epoxy. Once the floor is cleaned, you can follow a few basic steps.

1.    Use denatured alcohol to help disperse the metal through the epoxy

2.    Spread the epoxy over the floor with a notched squeegee

3.    Allow to dry

4.    Designs can be added by using a blower to create ripples and creators for a unique look

5.    Other colors can be added by drizzling or splotching them on top of the metallic epoxy’s base coat

After the metallic epoxy is down and you are happy with the design and the overall coverage, you can then squeegee on a clear coat to provide an added layer of protection. You get a unique look that has a hint of metallic within it. You can find silver, gold, and various other metallic epoxies to add the hue that you desire.

Regardless of what kind of concrete floor you have, epoxy can be used to provide a new look that you’ve been craving.