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Sealers for Stamped Concrete and Driveways

Choosing the appropriate sealer for your stamped concrete and driveway areas is imperative for ensuring that your investment lasts for years to come. Picking the wrong sealant can lead to a ruined concrete product. To help you protect your decorative concrete we have gathered concrete contractor tips of the trade for choosing the perfect sealer, as well as a few handy dos and don'ts.

How to Choose the Perfect Sealer for Decorative Concrete

The best sealant to use for an outdoor stamped concrete or decorative concrete is a solvent-based acrylic sealer. Solvent-based acrylic sealers are recommended by concrete contractors because they are economical and less likely to alter the color of the decorative concrete. These products are also UV resistant, non-yellowing, easy to apply, and breathable. This last characteristic ensures that moisture can escape from the stamped concrete.

Prior to picking a sealer, be sure to check that your chosen sealer will be able to handle the following elements and that it is the right product for the job.

stamped concrete
  • Know what weather conditions to which the sealer will be exposed.
  • Make sure that the sealer is breathable.
  • Know what type of finish the sealer will produce.
  • Determine if the sealer is economically reasonable, by knowing its life expectancy.
  • Calculate the drying time and coverage rate prior to starting your sealing project.

Sealer Dos and Don'ts

Do:  Apply two thin coats of sealer.
Do: Let the first coat of sealer dry before adding a second coat.
Do: Follow manufacturer's application guidelines.
Do: Use a solvent-based acrylic sealant for outdoor concrete surfaces.
Do: Apply a sealer to decorative concrete surfaces every two to three years.

Don't: Apply the sealer too thickly.
Don't: Apply a solvent-based sealer over a water-based product.

By understanding these fundamental elements you will be able to pick out the perfect sealer for your decorative concrete and stamped concrete needs. Remember that choosing a sealer for exterior uses is vastly different from choosing a sealer to meet interior needs. Understanding your needs, the weather conditions, and the above sealant dos and don'ts will save you time and money. Choosing the correct, concrete contractor recommended sealer will also help to ensure that your outdoor concrete area lasts for years to come.