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Maintaining Your Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete may maintain durability associated with mundane concrete, but requires additional touch-ups to keep its hallmark appeal. The decorative concrete world has expanded within the industry, and many concrete contractors have been asked about high-quality walkways, slim-lined patios, eye-alluring driveways, and custom pool decks.

Regular Maintenance

Due to stamped concrete and decorative concrete’s particular designs and specialized installations, both homeowners and concrete contractors will need to conduct regular maintenance to clean, refine, and maintain decorative designs and corners.

Normally, following a simple pressure washing, retreatment is required to access tough-to-reach areas. The following process is used:

·         Specially-formulated chemicals are used to pretreat the surface.

·         Both pressure and heat are applied to remove dirt, debris, and other materials.

·         Vacuums are utilized to remove water, leaving crevices dry.

·         Sealant is applied.


Do-It-Yourself Approach

How to Clean Stuff , and several other websites, have pinned down a time-tested and true method for cleaning decorative concrete, and the method doesn’t require an advanced concrete contractor. First, a thorough brush sweep is needed. The sweeping will clear any loose debris, and it will remove particles from decorative crevices and edges.

One gallon of warm water in a bucket will be enough for the job. The following steps will thoroughly clean most decorative concrete:

·         Fill a bucket with water and dish soap or a mild cleanser.

·         Insert a mop into the solution. Wring it well.

·         Apply the mop to small concrete sections, and rinse the section in an up-and-down pattern.

·         Refill the bucket with water as needed. Wash away remaining soap with a hose.

Many decorative concrete sections are different, and some may require advanced formulas or techniques when cleaning. For thin crevices, elaborate decorations, or decorative inserts near household areas, professional assistance is commonly required. Remember, always use caution when handling a pressure cleaner. Decorative areas may require a “close approach,” and such methods may be dangerous with high-pressured water.