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The Benefits of Concrete Countertops

The demand for concrete countertops has dramatically increased in recent years. Homeowners have the option of choosing from a vast array of styles, colors and shapes, and each stamped concrete countertop is a unique design in itself. One of the best benefits of decorative concrete countertops is not only can they can be installed by a concrete contractor, but they are also an excellent DIY project. Here are some of the benefits you can expect with a concrete countertop.

Design Options

Typically, when you mention concrete, most people envision a sidewalk or their driveway, and it is common to think cold and gray. However, this is far from the case. There is a wide range of decorative concrete options for countertops, including stamped concrete and colors that range from white to purple; in fact the color options are endless. Whether a concrete contractor installs your countertops or you complete the installation yourself, you will have numerous stains and dyes to choose from.


One of the best benefits of decorative concrete countertops is that they are eco-friendly. The countertops are made with all earth-friendly materials; cement, sand and rocks. In many situations you do not have to have the materials shipped to you, which also helps to reduce the air pollution caused by trucks. If a concrete contractor installs the countertop for you, they will typically get the materials locally, and if you choose to do the project yourself with materials from Deco-Crete, all of the materials will be on-site when you need them, so you do not have to drive all over town to gather supplies.

Concrete countertops are fire-proof, extremely durable and typically less expensive than other stone countertops, such as granite. In the majority of situations, if the countertop is installed and sealed correctly, you will never need to replace it.