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How to Restore Stamped Concrete

If you have an old stamped concrete patio that has lost its luster or was improperly installed in the first place, don't hesitate to take on a restoration project. You can restore the color of your stamped and stained decorative concrete backyard patio with relative ease. Once you're done, it'll look like new and also boost the value of your property.

To spruce up your decorative concrete, you'll need a broom, a mixer, a gallon of water, a brush, a couple of buckets and about two hours of free time. A concrete restoration project involves a two coat application process. The first application penetrates the concrete at a rate that might result in an unbalanced aesthetic. The second application gives the concrete a thorough and uniform appearance. Mix the product according to its instructions and utilize the broom to keep it well mixed throughout the length of the project. Re-broom it if it dries too quickly. Spread it onto the concrete with circular strokes and an even level of pressure.

For the first coat, spread the stain as far as it goes. Less is better. The second coat should be applied as soon as the first coat has dried. Make sure that the stain is dried to the touch and not tacky. Once you've applied the second coat, you'll notice a dramatic difference between the before and after look. It'll appear much more natural and authentic like a real decorative concrete patio should look.

After completing your restoration project, you'll be able to enjoy your patio for years to come. To see some images of what properly restored and conditioned decorative concrete should look like, check out this photo gallery. If you have any more questions about patio stamping and staining, visit and search with the keywords “stamping” and “staining” to find out more about projects like this.