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Epoxy is in. Are You?

If you have a high traffic floor or concrete counter tops, you should consider adding a colored epoxy. It is incredibly abrasion resistant and provides a high gloss aesthetic that you'll love. This sealer creates a durable protective film on your decorative concrete that will prevent scratches and discoloration over the long haul. While unprotected concrete floors and other surfaces absorb water and become spotty, surfaces with epoxies will repel almost any amount of water.

Industry experts will testify that epoxy sealers improve surface function and form. Epoxy sealers are more durable and reliable than acrylics. They are ideal for areas of the home that experience a lot of foot traffic and surfaces where food is prepared. Property owners with a decorative floor will find that an epoxy finish makes the surface shine, really brings out the current color, and doesn't cause grout lines.

While clear epoxy is available, most homeowners opt for the pigmented variety to make their home look even better. You can choose from a limitless amount of colors that will compliment the current design of your home, office or retail store's existing interior. Some of the Deco Crete colors include Cherry Pie, Enter Sandman, Back In Black, Money Talks, Satellite Blues, and Mr. Brownstone. If you're interested in seeing what the finished product looks like, check out some of the gorgeous colored epoxy Deco Crete countertops and floors.

In terms of application, epoxies contain two component products that must be thoroughly mixed before being applied to the floor or counter top. Once you mix the epoxy, apply it immediately before it starts to set. Utilize a notched squeegee and a lint-free roller for application. Colored epoxy doesn't take years of experience to apply. A novice can complete this DIY (do it yourself) home improvement project with ease. It creates a seamless flooring system with a glass-like finish that will protect your home, office, store, or restaurant floor while simultaneously making it look fantastic.