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What Goes Into The Installation Of Decorative Stamped Concrete

What Goes Into The Installation Of Decorative Stamped Concrete

Homeowners who would like to spice up their homes' aesthetics can do so with the addition of decorative stamped concrete. It looks fantastic, feels great on the feet, and boosts your home's value.

Installing decorative stamped concrete won't become an expensive and elaborate project that seems to have no end. Smaller jobs can be completed in a single day. The largest endeavors will last a couple weeks. Factors that determine the length of the installation include how much concrete you'd like to install, the nuances of the ground's shape, and the weather conditions will be present during the installation. A contractor will use a variety of products and tools aside from cement and water. He'll have all sorts of colorants, admixtures, sealers, coatings, stains, stamps, countertop products, and overlay and repair products.

The typical job is priced by square foot. While you'll receive different quotes from contractors, most decorative stamped concrete projects cost around $8 to $12 per square foot. If you are looking for a special pattern, hue, or niceties like steps and borders, costs will rise accordingly. A concrete overlay will also differ in cost according to a number of factors. It will require a microtopping of an eighth of an inch. This usually runs between $3 and $5 per square foot. Those who choose a special decorative microtopping will pay a bit more for the extra style. Homeowners who opt for a stamped overlay will pay the most per square foot. This overlay usually costs around $8 to $10 per square foot.

After your decorative stamped concrete is installed, you'll have to provide the proper care to preserve its smooth surface and beautiful look. This will require a sealing every two years, if not more frequently. While some seal every year, it is not necessary. As soon as you see that your decorative concrete has a fading color, it is time to apply a sealing. Always apply two thin coats instead of one heavy coat. The sealing will guard your concrete from being compromised due to poor weather. It will also bring your concrete's unique hues and textures back to their original appearance.

If you are hesitant to have decorative stamped concrete installed, as you are worried about it being too slippery during rain or snowfall, don't fret. You can add a number of products to increase traction. There are slip resistant additives that can be easily combined with your sealer. This will boost your traction and prevent slips.