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Decorative Concrete: Luxury Look at a Lower Cost

How Concrete Improves the Look of Your Home

There are many ways you can use concrete to beautify your home.  It can be used for patios, countertops, floors, driveways, and many other areas.  Stamping, staining, and polishing are methods used to create the stylish appearance that makes concrete look like marble, flagstone, or other costly stoneware but at prices you can afford.

In comparison with other stoneware, decorate concrete is a median price range choice.  For exterior work, asphalt, gravel, and plain concrete cost less, while pavers and natural stone cost more.  Decorative concrete is the better option if you want to splurge a little without going over your budget.

Materials and Labor

The two most important items to consider for a prospective decorative concrete project are materials and labor.  The basic materials necessary are concrete mix, shaping supplies, texturizing and coloring products, sealants, etc.  The cost of labor largely depends on the look you want to achieve, how long the work will take, the intricacy of the design, and if you presently have concrete.  Be sure to get quotes from several contractors so you can compare prices.

Items that affect the cost of decorative concrete are:

  • Amount of colors used
  • Amount of stamping textures used
  • Intricacy of the design
  • Exclusive details like embeds
  • Detailed form or shaping work
  • Degree of polishing

Cost of Stamped Concrete

There is no standard price for stamped concrete since the cost is weighed by what you pay for materials and labor in your area and the density of the job.  Basically, you will pay around $8 to $12 per square foot for general stamped concrete (one color and pattern alone) to $18 or more per square foot for deluxe designs with extensive coloring effects like hand-applied stain motifs.  Stamped concrete costs more than plain concrete and less than brick, but it wears well and lasts a long time.

Concrete Flooring Cost

You can pay as little as $2 to $6 per square foot or as much as $15 to $30 per square foot for concrete floors. It all depends on the design you choose.  The price of installation is quite economical, particularly if you have concrete that has already been prepared for decorating.

Contact us at Deco-Crete Supply for a decorative concrete project estimate. We have the supplies and the know-how to help you complete your project.