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"Brawl in the Fall" with Deco-Crete

It can be surprising how much care and craftsmanship goes into something that's walked on. However, the Brawl in the Fall event is here to prove that decorative concrete sculpting is not only an occupation, but an art form. This event not only showcases concrete sculpting talent... but allows the sculpting to happen right before your very eyes.

About Brawl in the Fall

Being held in Indianapolis, this year's Brawl in the Fall is paving the way for a solid week of decorative concrete fun and competition. The competition works with a healthy selection of eight pre-selected teams that have proven their superiority in the concrete artistry industry. After selection, the teams will compete head-to-head in Indianapolis by creating amazing and beautiful projects that can be created with the concrete materials supplied by the sponsors. Their works will be created in real time, making the event as entertaining for spectators as it is for the concrete artisans. In addition to watching these spectacles unfolding before your eyes, here's a list of some of the other great perks that come along with attending the Brawl in the Fall:

  • During the week of festivities, the teams will be making adjustments to their concrete marvels in hopes of winning your vote... in addition to the votes from the judges.
  • The concrete artisans will also be on hand to answer any questions for exhibitors and attendees (if you have hopes of competing in the future) from September 30th through October 2nd.
  • The hands-on training workshops will be taking place from September 28 through 29 if you're interested in getting dirty and learning concrete craftsmanship. 

With this being said, come on down to the Brawl in the Fall event (sponsored by Deco-Crete) to watch these teams take something as brutal as concrete... and create something beautiful. For more information about this event, please visit the Brawl in the Fall event website.