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Top Three Options for Decorative Concrete Overlay

Concrete overlay is a sub-product of traditional concrete that can be troweled onto minimally damaged surfaces to create an updated, durable, and high-quality application. It is a cost effective alternative to demolishing and replacing entities such as countertops, interior flooring, outdoor flooring, and even walls.

To be a good candidate for concrete overlay applications, the existing structure needs to be strong and free from extensive damage – tiny cracks and unevenness can be corrected before the overlay is applied. Conventional concrete overlay refers to the standard smooth, gray concrete finish often seen on pathways and outdoor staircases, however, decorative concrete overlay is far from conventional. Decorative overlay can be dyed and textured to take on different finishes. The end product is only limited by the homeowner's or business owner's imaginations. While expert DIYers can confidently lay decorative concrete overlay themselves, it is highly recommended that they seek training or hire a team of professionals to deter negative incidents and to ensure a high-quality result.

Top Three Options for Decorative Concrete Overlay

  1. Stenciled overlay: Homeowners can choose from an array of stencil patterns to make the overlay look like cobblestone, basket weave, large tile, brick, and more. The overlay can also be stained with the appropriate shade to complete the look.
  2. Stamped overlay: Stamped overlay is a lot like the stenciled option. However, the stamped overlay is more textured. Homeowners can choose the overlay-stamp pattern that suits their needs and apply it to create the desired effect. The stamps can make the concrete overlay take on the appearance of wood planks, random brick, tile, and more.
  3. Stained overlay: Many homeowners like the streamlined look of the concrete overlay without any patterning. Stained overlay would be an ideal option for counter tops and other smooth surfaces.

Concrete overlay is effective at creating the look of authentic brick, stone, and tile without the high cost that those applications tend to have. Once the overlay is sealed, hardened, and dried, it can be walked on and used like any other finish. Resealing sporadically every few years is recommended to promote longevity and high-quality appearance.