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Replacing Your Patio for Spring

Freezing temperatures and the excessive use of rock salts can damage your concrete patio. The latter two conditions can cause the concrete's smooth surface to "pit" or "spall." This damage can occur in large sections or in scattered, smaller spots. 

Has your patio been damaged this winter? Is it ready for a spring and summer filled with guest events? To answer these questions, the first thing that you need to do is to check your patio for any damage.

Check the patio for any damage

Does your concrete patio have pits or spalls? Is your deck falling apart at the seams and causing unpleasant splintering? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then it might be time to replace all or part of your patio. Even if you only want to replace part of your patio, try using a decorative concrete pattern. The pattern will be visually appealing and add a nice textured element to your patio.

Once you have checked your patio for damage, you can begin the process of replacing your patio with a new, updated version.

Replace your patio at the right time of year

Your patio should be replaced when the weather is warm and dry. At the start of the project, hire a concrete contractor to help you determine the best solution for your intended use, your residence, and your available outdoor space. Before you start to remove old parts of your patio, make sure that you have installed plywood over any nearby glass windows and doors. Flying debris could cause damage to these items. Once you have successfully removed your current patio, make sure that the ground is level before you begin to lay down your new decorative concrete or stamped concrete patio. Finally, give the concrete plenty of time to set before you walk on it or place any furniture on its surface.

Using stamped concrete to enhance your patio

If you like the idea of a wood or stone patio but are tired of the laborious maintenance that these two materials require, then you should try a stamped concrete solution. Stamped concrete can replicate various stones, tile, brick and even wood. When choosing your new stamped concrete pattern, be sure that the material will blend with the other concrete that is used at your residence. A few of the most popular patio patterns include worn stone, brick and hexagonal tiles.

Is it time for new furniture?

After you have replaced your old patio with a new stamped or decorative concrete version, you might want to consider buying new patio furniture. This added touch will help to turn your patio into a beautiful outdoor oasis. 

Is it time for a patio extension? Do you need a little inspiration? 

If this post has inspired you to think about replacing your old patio or possibly extending your outdoor patio space, then check out this stunning gallery. Perhaps you will see a project that inspires you to roll-up your sleeves, contact a knowledgeable concrete contractor, and replace your outdoor patio this spring!