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What the Experts Are Saying about the Emerging Decorative Concrete Industry

If there's one industry that seems like it would be rock solid and never change, it is the concrete industry. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. With the emerging trend of decorative concrete, homeowners are finding that their slab of concrete that makes up their driveway, pool deck, or patio doesn't have to look so drab. From stamped concrete, not to mention stained and stenciled concrete, do-it-yourself homeowners have fresh ideas on how to transform their homes, not only outside but inside as well. If they can't do it themselves, a concrete contractor can do it for them. 

Experts in the industry have expressed their excitement over the fact that more people are seeing the potential of concrete. Here's what else the experts have to say in response to the following questions. 

Compared to competing products, what is causing the decorative concrete industry to grow? 

Where vinyl and ceramic tile, natural stone, and wood were once the mainstay, decorative concrete is taking over homes and businesses. There has also been growth in correlating markets, such as dyed/stained concrete, polished concrete, overlays, and integral colored concrete. 

What are the main catalysts moving the decorative concrete industry forward? 

Experts agree that probably the number one catalyst moving the industry forward is pigments. Other areas that are helping the industry along are the comeback of concrete counter tops and vertical wall mix. Innovation and customization are also important factors in keeping up with current growth. 

What sector is causing the greatest increase in the business? 

While the residential sector continues to play an important role in the decorative concrete industry, some experts believe the largest growth will come from the industrial and commercial sectors. But as awareness increases and products become easier to use, the retail sector will also continue to see growth. 

Are there any negatives facing the industry? If so, what are they? 

While the negative aspects of the industry certainly don't dominate it, there are still things that can be improved. Some of these improvements can be made when it comes to untrained and unskilled installers, workers who do not provide high-quality services, and having untested systems on the market.