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Sealing your Concrete

You love your decorative concrete, and you do not want to have to constantly be repairing it because of damage. Protection is key to keeping the patterns and designs like with stamped concrete, stained concrete, or brushed stone looking fresh and beautiful for years. Sealing your concrete work, whether it be indoors or out does not even need to be done through a concrete contractor. DIY is always a good option. Of course, before you begin, knowing how to seal and what to use is always a must.

Pick Your Products

There are many different kinds of concrete sealant that help protect your items from damage and are formulated for indoor or outdoor works, whether it be floors, tables, countertops, patios, etc. Read up on some of the sealing products available for your decorative concrete or talk to a concrete contractor about what might be the best option for you. Some available, quality sealants on the market today include:

  • Diamond Shine: A high gloss sealant that works specifically for a variety of outdoor concrete items. UV protected and protects against freezing, water, and stains, and rust.
  • Super Stamp Seal: Made for decorative concrete, this non-yellowing sealant protects primarily against rust and stains. The acrylic base is great for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • EasySpray 309: A sealing and curing compound, perfect for sealing fresh concrete. One gallon can cover between 250-300 feet on concrete.

Other options for sealants are also available for research and purchase here.

How to Seal Decorative Concrete

Knowing what sealing product to use is one thing, but knowing the process of sealing is another story. The steps to sealing your indoor and outdoor concrete items are:

  • Prep The Surface: Remove all stains, rust, or damage from the concrete. Etching the concrete may be an option to help make the surface smooth and ready for sealing.
  • Pick a Time to Apply: Make sure the concrete has had time to cure and dry completely. Ensure the air temperatures when you apply are around 50 degrees Fahrenheit to help with the drying process. Make sure the temperature won’t fall below 40 or rise above 70.
  • Apply the Sealant: Follow the instructions on the container of sealant to correctly apply the item and seal your concrete completely. Make sure the item is covered completely and smoothed out. Make sure you have enough sealant to cover the entire area you are sealing.

Your concrete items are important to your decor and the atmosphere both inside and outside your home. That’s why sealing it is so important and knowing how to do it yourself can help ensure that it’s done to your specifications.