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A Buyer's Guide to Epoxies

A Buyer's Guide to Epoxies

Epoxies are an important application in concrete work. Epoxies are a strong adhesive made from synthetic materials such as paint or plastic. In concrete work, some epoxies are used to hold pieces together or create new textures of existing concrete. Some epoxies are weatherproof for outdoor use and others can be specifically used for indoor decorative concrete. What is best about using epoxy as your adhesive when working with concrete is the ability to make sure stamped concrete, stained concrete, brushed stone or other unique decorative concrete style are no harmed by the synthetic material. So, what else can you use epoxies for, what types exist, and why are they so important? Keep reading to find these answers and more.

Epoxy Flooring

Garages, basements, and other high traffic areas of your home need serious floor toughness. After all, it isn’t just you walking on it, but cars driving over it and a million other heavy items dealing abuse. An epoxy layer added on top of a concrete floor can take your garage or basement from abused and damaged to fixed and durable. An epoxy coating may seem to be shiny or glossy, and the clear coat still allows for decorative concrete patterns to show through if need be.

Types of Epoxy Flooring (and other products)

Like any concrete work, the world of epoxies is vast and understand the different types is key finding what is best for you and your home. Never go with what everyone else has. Do your research and think about what you want and what is going to fix your lifestyle. There are also many other products you may need before applying your perfect epoxy, being knowledgeable about these are also helpful in the epoxy process.

  • Metallic Epoxies: Metallic epoxies are new to the decorative concrete world and are becoming a home improvement trend. They are resistant to both abrasion and chemicals, making them a durable choice for floors like basements and garages. The metallic shine offers a beautiful and unique look without covering up existing stamped concrete that might exist as well as patterns and designs that are brushed or stained onto the concrete.
  • Bond Coat: A low odor coating that makes the perfect primer that gives you a smooth surface to apply your epoxy to. Any floor can be full of nicks, cracks, scuff marks, and other damage that epoxy should not be put directly over, and that is where Bond Coat comes in handy. It is a water based, low odor, and fast cure interior use epoxy primer, great for a variety of uses.
  • Poly Armour: A protective and glossy clear coat, Poly Armour provides years of protection as long as applied properly. Protects against water damage, abrasion, chemicals, and impacts.  Talk to a concrete contractor to decide if this product is right for you.

Epoxies can be confusing and difficult to deal with. However, any concrete contractor will tell you that protecting your indoor and outdoor decorative concrete is a good idea. Always study up on the product you want to buy and use before you decide what is best for your home.